Rewild The Child.

Recently I read about a campaign called ‪#‎rewildthechild‬, it incorporates school based learning programs into more natural environments, the results from the study really amazed me and got me thinking how lucky I was to grow up with mud between my toes and grazes on my knees.
This is my little brother, I snapped this photo of him last time I visited. There is absolutely no holding back with him, so honest, so pure, so wild… When I asked if I could take his photo his reply was “only if I’m allowed to look angry”
This child, my brother, is wild, just as I was 17 years ago, he gets dirty, he falls over and he gets to use his greatest asset of all, imagination. This is what kids should be doing, everything for them is a new experience and that is a really fucking exciting thing, think about it, imagine how inquisitive and inspired you’d be, every day a new beginning…
I’ll end by saying this: let kids make mistakes, they need to make mistakes in order to learn. Let them get dirty, it will strengthen their immunity towards illnesses. And get them away from mind numbing computer games, children’s imagination is at it’s most affluent for the first seven years, let them use that power.
The one person my brothers and I can thank for this, is our dad, he did it for us, for the wild. awesome job mate.


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So Does this Make me Enlightened now?

Last night something incredible happened to me. I was alone in my bedroom and in deep meditation, nothing unordinary for a Wednesday night as meditation has become a ritual, just like brushing my teeth before bed. I had only been in the meditative state for about ten minutes or so until I noticed something was different, my mind was craving more, I didn’t fight it, I let myself journey through my subconscious brain, flowing deeper through a network of tunnels until I slowed and stopped, everything was black. I suddenly started to feel as if I was getting lighter, my limbs started to go warm and tingly, and the feeling slowly spread until it encompassed my whole body. I felt as if my entirety, all my bodily systems, functions and organs were pulsating in perfect synchronicity. It was a comforting feeling, a feeling that is so familiar yet one cannot articulate with mere words. By this stage I could not feel anything my body was touching, I was floating, but not in a physical sense. I was exhilarated yet so at peace, I remember wanting to push myself further, to get deeper into my altered level of consciousness. With every breath i furthered myself from my physical state, I felt myself softly flow from the confinements of my objective being into my surroundings, into the walls, the earth and into space. And suddenly all was one, all was connected and there were no boundaries, everything resonated as if it was a part of my own self. When I returned to my physical body I felt an intense satisfaction and went into a deep sleep.
I have been thinking about my experience all morning, I want to get back there, feel the exhilaration, feel the peace, become one again.


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Super easy tightass’ roast rosemary veggies and lemon chicken butts

Total cost $4:39
4 x cheapest cuts of chicken (usually thigh)
7 x small potatoes (dumpster dived)
3 x green peppers (dumpster dived)
1/2 x butternut pumpkin (dumpster dived)
2 x sprigs of rosemary foraged from neighbours hedge (seriously Rosemary is everywhere, don’t ever buy it)
1 x cup of stinging nettles (foraged from nearby alleyway)
1 x lemon from nearby lemon tree
Evaporated ocean water salt
pepper (foraged from nearby station)

Chop potatoes and pumpkin roughly and throw into a roasting pan along with the chicken, rosemary, peppers, salt and cracked pepper.
Squeeze lemon on chicken and throw skin in pan too just for kicks… And flavour)
Lightly drizzle oil over top and bake at a high heat until everything is cooked (toss every now and then)
Blanch nettles in boiling water for 3 mins and serve as a garnish for the roast.


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Winter forage recipes under $5

Pumpkin & cauliflower soup – total cost $0


1x Butternut pumpkin (dumpster dived)
1 x cauliflower (dumpster dived)
1 x onion (dumpster dived)
1lt of vegetable stock (premade with dumpster dived vegetable offcuts and ocean salt)
1Tbs of Greek yoghurt (dumpster dived)
Pinch of Pepper (foraged from the abundant pepper trees at Geelong rail station)
2tsp Cumin (laying around in spice rack)

Chop pumpkin and cauliflower roughly
In a medium sized pot fry onion and cumin in some oil for 5 mins until soft and aromatic.
Add stock, pumpkin and cauliflower and boil for approx 20 mins or until soft.
Blitz ingredients and serve with a dollop of Greek yoghurt and salt to taste.

I put the leftovers in reused jars to take to work, if the soup is boiling and jar seals properly it will keep for double the time.


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Stinging Nettle obsession

earlier this week I was involved in a bike accident, few grazes and a broken pedal, however it didn’t end up being a total disaster. As I came off I ended up near a huge patch of stinging nettles, luckily I had my emergency forage gloves with me and gathered them up. Whipped up some Nettle Pappardelle and foraged olives for lunch.

500 g pappardelle
2 cups grated Reggiano parmigiano
1 cup blanched nettle
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup pine nuts
Marinated goats cheese (optional)

The nettle was blanched, and chopped finely. parmigiano, pine nuts, salt and oil were blitzed in a food processor and added to blanched nettle.
Pappardelle was cooked and nettle pesto stirred through, goats cheese was added before serving.


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Thrifty and frugal’s corruption budget

Protest Poem – aus govt

I feel sick at the thought of what will become of this place, chasing money, fame and fortunes, what’s this rat race?
a society that’s addicted to virtual mood lifts, they care more about a selfie, oblivious to paradigm shifts
I survive in a time of disposable income, but people are sadder than ever, how come?
Depression, recession, aggression, succession, many disregard, distracted by possession.
Plastic takes many years to decompose, yet it gets seconds of use before it’s disposed.
Mining corporals win with the federal budget, but the environment and health is blown of as ratchet.
Industrial farming is keeping us fed, but think of the pollution it puts in our head.
Cleaner solutions need to be found, when providing nutrition straight from the ground.
I exist in a land, beauty rich and rare, but governed by greedy politicians that don’t actually care.
If you’ve got wads of cash and a large cocaine habit, then I can definitely be sure you voted for abbot.
I worry about future generations in this country, fed conservative crap from the Liberals own pantry.
The rich get richer as the poor get poorer, and the capitalist grip around our neck get sorer.
Communism and socialism always seem to fail, the greed of humanity will always prevail.
We are well over due for a post modern revolution, a new political system and hey, reducing pollution?
People scared for their life, fail to seek asylum, students and poor families face a financial problem.
It’s a reverse Robin Hood that’s been implemented, Joe Hockey my friend, you must be demented.
Something must change here, for the good of the nation. I’m done waiting on politicians, I’m getting impatient.
This is our world we only have one, think about the future and not just the fun.
Hopefully soon, Abbot will run, or you best teach your kids how operate a gun.


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The hashtag, it’s original purpose was to highlight a special meaning in early IT and was commonly used as an integral part of IRC networks, it’s elegant yet structured kerning allowed for this brilliant symbol give off its own charisma, standing poised and proud in any typeface. However the hashtag, in recent years, has taken on a whole new persona, a persona that has been built around a crumbling and meaningless social structure. The hashtag has been utterly raped, tainted, abused, punished and tortured in the name of social media, and to be used for what? Meaningless noise mostly, spread to the furthest corners of the interweb. Oh you’ll get some likes on that post, that photo, that tweet, or whatever it is you’ve hashtagged. You tag things like #instagay #instahomo #gaymelbourne #picoftheday #sexyboy #drinkin #instafag, and it works! You get a surge of likes within the first millisecond, much before you could even decide if you liked it yourself. Who cares if they are Russian porn bots or spam advertisement accounts, right? You’ve got your likes, you’ve got your ego boost and you’ve just reached your highest like rating yet! Porn bot, marketing mogul or convicted pedophile, who gives a damn, You’re popular!


Now let’s think of the same scenario but in a different context, we’ll start by stripping back the facade of social media and removing the barrier between our online personas and our true identity. Now you’re in the real world, real people, real emoticons and real personas, this may seem unusual to a lot of people and they might even feel as if there is an integral part of them missing. As you wonder down the crowded path you notice more than a few people making a lot of noise but you can’t quite make it out, you get closer to one of the noisy people and you don’t quite know how or why you did, they are screaming, screaming things like #instagay #instahomo #sexyteen, you see old sleazy men and soviet-esque pussy bots surrounding these people, they start tearing at the noisy persons shirt, poking them with their thumbs and peeking down their pants, some even start following the noisy people. The noisy people look scared and confused, they try and run, but everyone follows. In this very real world, where a sleaze is a sleaze, a like is really a like, a pussy bot really is a man crushing pussybot, and the concept of a ‘followers’ social boundaries are likened with that of a stalker, the idea of making a commotion to get complete strangers attention is not a good thing.

Alas, the humble hashtag has been disrespected by society in the most inhumane way, crucified by the crass generation that once felt belittled by its charismatic aura. You people have killed it, you probably didn’t even realise either, but it’s dead now, just a meaningless carcass of what it once was.

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Identifying a field mushroom

Awesome guide to foraging wild fungi. I’m working on my own identification chart myself which will be up soon. I found this as a helpful introduction and basic rule guide to Australian fungi. However this is provided as a guide only. Only ever consume fungi if you are completely sure of the species.

Tall trees and Mushrooms

Disclaimer  :  These notes are provided as a guide only.  While every attempt has been made to try to assist in the identification, the risk of eating any wild mushroom rests with the individual and I do not accept  any responsibility for consequences  that may arise from the action of anyone eating wild mushrooms.  See also the Ag department notes, Perth.  and inedibles and lookalikes


The fungus that we know in Australia as a field mushroom is a member of the genus Agaricus.  Examples of this genus are:

Agaricus bisporus – the classic small supermarket mushroom

Agaricus bitorquis – marketed as a larger form of supermarket mushroom

Agaricus avensis – the almond mushroom

Agaricus campestris – the classic if oft mis-identified field mushroom.

This list of features has been put together to assist the average person to identify an edible field mushroom.

1.  Cap colour and texture

The cap…

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Lilli Pilli Jelli

The Lilli Pilli tree is an Aussie native. Mostly, the tree is used for ornamental purposes in many suburban Australian households, however the Lilli Pilli tree produces a fruit commonly known as ‘riberry’. Generally very tart and bitter, this under-rated fruit often gets ignored and ends up carpeting the surrounding ground with a sloshy mess. As a child we used to have wars using riberries as ammunition, but since then I had forgotten about this little Australian beauty, until the striking pink berry caught my eye just the other day. I was on my way home from my olive forage and I thought I might as well take some riberries too.

When I arrived home I looked at the beautiful colour and wondered if there was a way to prepare these in an edible way. Then bam, it came to me. They would work brilliantly in a Jam, the bitterness would be offset by the sugar and the amazing colour could be preserved long past the last lilli pilli of the season. The jam was a complete success, however there are a few things when making the jam that you must consider. I started by using my usual berry jam recipe but soon figured out that riberries have inedible seeds and husky parts to them. Here are the steps to bypass this problem.

I boiled the berries with a small amount of water for 30 minutes or so until the colour faded and the berries turned to mash.
Then I poured the boiled ingredients through a fine sieve and worked every last bit of juice out by pressing it into the sieve with the back of a spoon.
The remaining mash in the sieve can be composted; it has no use now because you literally have just harvested the living soul from these berries.
With your new concentrated berry souls add 500G of sugar (for a kilo of fruit) and the juice of two lemons

gently boil for another 2.5 hours.

now pour the boiling jam into sterilized jars and you’re all set!

Happy Foraging



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